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3m solutions for interior spaces

Akron glass tinting has been helping design professionals since 1958.

Akron glass

Protect furnishings from fading

3M’s residential window films block out 99% of the sun’s UV light while also blocking out the sun’s light and heat, all without affecting your view.

Create Custom Privacy

Create decorative privacy with specialty films for elegant privacy, branding, and architectural interest.


Akron glass
Akron glass

Surface renewal

Renew old surfaces with Belbien architectural finishes

Elevators, doors walls hallway columns furniture desks, tables, wall panels,

any flat, non-porous surface will benefit

sustainable without replacing.

Ideal for:


Hotels / Motels / Hospitality

Hospitals & Healthcare


Retail & Convenience Stores

Car Dealerships

With minimal disruption when you choose 3M products for your next interior design project.

We have been partnering up with design professionals since 1958. We have been involved in thousands of commercial and residential projects. We effortlessly add value and take wonderful care of your customers.