Frequently Asked Questions

Not usually. “Low-e” (low-emissivity) glass is a building standard. It’s harder to find windows in a newer home or building that do not contain a Low-E coating in-between the panes of glass! The way your house or building is positioned has a lot to do with the necessity for the film. However, even with Low-E glass in your home or building, you found your way to this page, and you are wondering why your rooms are hot, the temperature is unbalanced, and your interiors are fading.

Your builder is not to blame, nor is the window manufacturer. Unfortunately, Low-E glass tends to be “over-promised”. In other words, Low-E glass does its job by slowing the conduction of heat through windows. How? Under a pre-applied coating and/or argon glass infusion when the units are manufactured. This benefit is noteworthy in the winter because it’s easy for Low-E glass to reject passive, radiant heat created by a furnace.

Here’s the twist: Low-E glass is easily overpowered by the sun! Most Low-E units do nothing to reject 99% of the damaging ultraviolet light. Every one of our 3M films rejects 99% of the UV. So, fortifying your Low-E glass with 3M window film is a simple and green tweak that will reward you with comfort and savings for the life of your home.

No. 3M Prestige window film is a colorless, non-reflective, metal-free coating that doesn’t take change the look of your home or building, both inside and out.

Yes…and no. Window treatments are more effective than window film for harsh light control and night time privacy. But window treatments are typically cumbersome and block your view, and the heat still enters your house! Why not enjoy the beautiful vistas today’s new homes provide? Keep your exposures open instead of covering them, especially in homes where there is the second story great room, trapezoid, and rounded windows next to impossible to cover with window treatments.

Almost every 3M product we offer includes a lifetime residential warranty. Our commercial warranties are the strongest in the industry! Up to 15 years! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our labor. 

Yes, brave soul! Email us with some info, and we will see if we can help!