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For elegant privacy, branding, and architectural interest. We can make something custom for you, or you can choose from hundreds of 3M FASARA Glass Finishes. Contact us for a Catalog!

Akron glass


Specify 3M safety & security film for an added measure of protection against forced entry, and shards of glass.

Akron glass

Surface Renewal

Renew old surfaces with BELBIEN Architectural Finishes. Give outdated interiors a fresh look with little down time.

Temperature Control FIlm

Retrofit existing glass with climate control window film for energy while maintaining historical integrity.

Akron glass
Akron glass

Bird Strike Mitigation

Birds perceive reflected images as literal objects, which explains why glass reflections, especially ones that present images of food, shelter, or an escape route, can trigger collisions. Scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that clear and reflective windows are invisible to birds, killing them when trying to reach habitat seen through or reflected on the surface. Only by uniformly covering a window with an effective strike-deterrent pattern will birds see and avoid it.

AIA Approved Lunch and Learn

If you would like to learn more about 3M’s window film, 3M Company offers an AIA presentation for HSW CEU's. Please contact us to learn more. 

Akron glass