Property Managers

3M Solutions for Property management professionals

Property management professionals need quick and cost-effective ways to keep their buildings looking fresh, well-maintained, safe, and energy-efficient with as little downtime as possible.

Akron glass

Retain Tenants

The cost of replacing a tenant is more expensive than retaining a current one.

  • Tenant comfort
  • Secure entrances and vulnerable spots
  • Cost-effective privacy glass
  • Rejuvenate old surfaces
  • Bird film

Make tenants comfortable and reduce complaints with 3M insulating films.


Secure the glass in entry's and other areas where glass is vulnerable with 3M Safety and Security Films.


Give glass areas branding privacy and architectural nuance with Fasara decorative privacy films from 3M. A fraction of the cost of sandblasted glass and is removable if the tenant leaves.

Akron glass
Akron glass

Restore old surfaces with Belbien architectural finishes.

Ideal For:

Elevators, doors, walls hallways columns

Bird Strike

Birds perceive reflected images as literal objects, which explains why glass reflections, especially ones that present images of food, shelter, or an escape route, can trigger collisions. Scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that clear and reflective windows are invisible to birds, killing them when trying to reach habitat seen through or reflected on the surface.

Akron glass