Reduce Your Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool With These 3 Tips

Summer is at its peak. Heat records are being set left and right. And prices are up everywhere from the grocery store to your local gas pump; not to mention on your utility bills! An article in Forbes Magazine titled “Six Tips To Save Energy, Reduce Bills And Keep Cool During Summer” discusses strategies that could be implemented to reduce utility bills and help save you some money this summer. Here’s a summary of the key points that are really helpful.

  1. Reduce Electrical Consumption in Peak Load Hours – As the sun is highest and often hottest, electrical consumption to keep a home comfortable is at a peak. The point here is to reduce energy usage during these peak hours. Many utility companies charge a higher rate for consumption during peak hours, so anything you can do to reduce usage here can really pay off.
  2. Install Internal and External Window Filming – The article states; “External window film prevents the heat of the sun from penetrating the window, while internal window film prevents heat from transferring to the space. Studies have shown that filming your windows results in a 60% heat reduction.” In addition, window film is at its most effective during peak times of the day as that is when it’s rejecting the most heat. This merges nicely with the point above of reducing electrical consumption in peak load hours.
  3. Use the Thermostat Properly – This point was that it is often more energy efficient to leave the thermostat on “Auto” vs. using the “Fan On” setting. Proper use of the thermostat can save 40% in energy usage according to the article.

It is great to see a global publication recognizing window films as a cost effective, energy saving retrofit. With modern window film technology, you can achieve great heat rejection without even noticeably changing the appearance of existing windows. By reducing the heat entering your space, you save energy and reduce utility bills because your HVAC system does not need to work as hard to keep up with demand. Depending on the type of windows installed at your facility, it is possible to see the energy savings realized pay for the window film installation over time. You can check out the complete Six Tips To Save Energy, Reduce Bills And Keep Cool During Summer article in Forbes by clicking HERE.

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