Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Enhances Comfort & Saves Energy

Window film retrofit upgrade enhances comfort and helps save energy - window films and window tinting in akron, ohio
Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Enhances Comfort And Helps Save Energy Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Akron Glass

We wanted to summarize some information contained in an article that appeared in Healthcare Facilities Today related to how a window film retrofit upgrade to existing glass can enhance comfort and help save energy in nearly any space. The article written by Steve DeBusk entitled Window Film Can Balance Comfort, Energy Savings discusses some primary sources of savings. While this article was written specifically about using these films in hospitals and medical buildings, the benefits can be realized not only in medical facilities, but nearly any residential or commercial space.

The article begins by saying that “the right type of window film offers several energy-saving benefits: enhanced and prolonged performance of HVAC and lighting systems, increased window insulating power, and decreased plug load. Window film also improves the indoor environment by reducing hot and cold spots, making near-window indoor temperatures more tolerable, reducing glare, and lessening exposure to UV rays.” Let’s take a look at each on of these points individually.

Window film retrofit upgrade enhances comfort and helps save energy - window film and window tinting informationImproved Comfort: As mentioned above, a properly specified window film can help reduce both hot and cold spots in a building. Rather than have areas of a building that are too hot or too cold, you can strategically use window films to even out the temperature and increase comfort. In addition, window films can be used to reduce glare and eye strain while allowing pleasant light to stream into the space. This makes a space more pleasant by maintaining views while eliminating the irritating elements of natural lighting.

HVAC Savings: This point was made by stating “proper maintenance and load reduction strategies may extend the life of existing systems. If you’ve identified HVAC as an opportunity to save energy, start by reducing heating and cooling loads. You may also prolong capital investments in HVAC upgrades or replacements.” There are several ways to reduce the load on an HVAC system, but a logical place to start is by controlling the transmission of heat through the windows. Window films can be used to help reduce the heat passing through the glass and allowing the HVAC to not have to work as hard to keep the space at the desired temperature.

Lighting Savings: Having uncontrolled light streaming through the windows can bring some unwanted aspects. This causes many people to use blinds or shades. The article explains by stating while this “helps reduce the effects of solar heat gain, glare, and UV ray exposure, but covering the windows also sacrifices natural light and views. As a result, artificial lighting requirements may increase because it’s the only source of light.” By taking advantage of the natural light coming through the windows, the need to use lighting is decreased and that helps save on lighting costs.

We hope that this summary helped you understand how a window film retrofit upgrade can improve your space by making it more comfortable and help save energy costs. If you would like more information on these innovative films, click HERE. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a free, no obligation consultation of your commercial facility, contact us by calling (330) 630-8468 or emailing us at [email protected]. We service Akron, Ohio and the surrounding areas. We would be glad to explain the different types of window film and help you get exactly the right film to fit the needs of your space.